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Health Benefits

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When you sweat, your body doesn't just lose water, it also loses vital salts that help your body function properly. Intelligent hydration relies on replenishing everything that your body loses, not just the water. Coconut water contains lots of salts, also known as electrolytes, which is why it is a perfect drink when you are exercising or live in a hot part of the country. If you go to the gym or walk / jog outdoors, you can now carry the goodness of coconut water with you in a more convenient shell... with COCOFLY!


Hydration is not just about feeling thirsty. Your hair and skin also need to stay hydrated otherwise they can start to look tired and worn out. COCOFLY gives your skin everything it needs to look healthy and vibrant. Drink COCOFLY everyday and watch your body glow with goodness and beauty!


Do you ever get that feeling in the afternoon when you are starting to lose concentration after so many hours of work? Not anymore! COCOFLY powers your brain naturally and helps you stay focused on whatever you're doing. Now in convenient Tetrapak packaging, you can keep some COCOFLY at your desk and stay on top of your game all day long!


When you are ill and recovering from an illness, what does your doctor say? Drink coconut water! COCOFLY gives you all the nourishment you need to fight your way back to full health whether you have a common cold or you contracted dengue fever. It is for good reason that doctors even recommend coconut water for pregnant women - it is simply the best way to keep your body in peak condition! Did you know that during The Second World War, doctors in the Pacific used to connect patients directly to coconuts when IV drips ran out in hospitals!