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Perk up your water in 3 easy steps
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Perk up your water in 3 easy steps

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We always love staying hydrated with a large glass of chilled Cocofly, but sometimes your body needs some plain ol' water too.

A chilled soda or a cold coffee may feel like a fun indulgent treat when you're feeling a bit thirsty, but with this relentless heat outside you can't keep drinking sugary drinks without worsening the effects of the heat on your body.

So how do you make your water taste better without adding sugar or anything artificial? It's time to check out some quick hacks to turn that boring glass of water into an appetising thirst-quencher.

Infusing your water with fruit or herbs adds great taste without changing the calorie content or sugar impact. As an added plus, a cup of fruit is enough to infuse a whole pitcher of water, while a handful in your water bottle will flavor your refills all day.

Here’s some quick tips and recipes for infused water that will have reaching for your glass all day long…

1. Choose your favorite combination of fruits and herbs.

2. Wash thoroughly and thinly slice fruits and gently crush herbs and ginger root to release their flavorful oils.

3. Add your produce to filtered water and refrigerate.

How simple was that? But do keep in mind that cucumbers, citrus, melon and softer herbs like mint, flavor water almost immediately. Meanwhile, apples, cinnamon, fresh ginger root, and tougher herbs like rosemary need an overnight soak.

P.S: Water with fresh fruit in it shouldn’t sit at room temperature for more than 2 hours because it may cause bacterial growth. Be sure to stash your bottle in the fridge between drinks or add ice to keep it fresh.