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5 easy steps to whiter teeth: everything you need to know about oil pulling

5 easy steps to whiter teeth: everything you need to know about oil pulling


Pulling isn’t the first action you associate with oil, but as it turns out oil pulling is the latest fad among millennials and people from around the world are trying it, including many celebrities! Think you could do with a whiter set between your lips? Read on for everything you need to jump on the oil pulling wagon.


Oil pulling is a teeth whitening technique that has been around for a really long time. Originally known as ‘Kavala’ or ‘Gandusha’, it can be traced back to the early days of Ayurveda as one of the oldest forms of dental care along with chewing sticks (of medicinal plants) and eating herbs.

Oil pulling didn’t gain modern-day popularity until in the ‘90s when it was discovered in a Ukrainian academic paper that outlined a similar technique that Siberian shamans had been using for centuries! Soon after that, oil pulling was back in vogue and adopted by millennials, popularised further by celebs worldwide like Aishwarya Rai and Miranda Kerr, who oil pull as part of their morning routine.


Oil pulling has to be done on an empty stomach before eating or drinking anything. Just like brushing, it should be the first thing that you do in the morning. You can “pull-off” a good oil pulling session by following these steps:

Step 1: Put a teaspoon of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in your mouth and swish it around thoroughly. The oil will expand in mouth while swishing, so be prepared (else the situation can get a bit embarrassing)!

Step 2: Swish for 15-20 minutes, which is long enough for the oil to break through the plaque and bacteria present in the mouth, but not long enough for the body to absorb the bacteria back.

Step 3: Spit out the oil. You should use the trash can for spitting. Never spit the oil into the sink as it may solidify, which could clog up your pipes!

Step 4: Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Use lukewarm water for rinsing as it will clean the mouth better and remove any residual oil.

Step 5: Brush and floss thoroughly as usual. Remember that oil pulling isn’t a replacement for your tooth brush.


Apart from teeth whitening, there are many other benefits of oil pulling that are observed by the oil pulling enthusiasts. Some preachers say that it strengthens gums, detoxes the body and eliminates plaque. Other benefits include:

  • Reduces harmful bacteria from the mouth
  • Cures Gingivitis
  • Reduces bad breath
  • Prevents cavities
  • Heals cracked lips
  • Prevents acne

Oil pulling is a tried and tested method for getting whiter teeth, and many people swear by it. However, despite its apparent effectiveness, none of the major benefits of oil pulling have been backed up with scientific proof (don’t we all know that science hates Ayurveda?).

But no matter what scientists say, more people are drawn towards oil pulling every day thanks to the results people see when they try it out. If you think you think oil pulling is for you and are wondering how to start, grab a bottle of our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and get pulling! Don’t forget to tell us how you found it in the comments below.

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Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash