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Keto 101: the definitive guide to the ultimate weight loss diet

Keto 101: the definitive guide to the ultimate weight loss diet


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You might have come across the word Keto a lot. The Keto Diet, a revolutionary weight loss practice involving high-fat, low-carb food has been splashed around Facebook and Instagram news feeds constantly in recent years, made even more famous by the likes of Megan Fox, Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian who swear by the practice. The reason for its soaring success lies in its promise of miraculous weight loss, and that too, without moving a single muscle.

So, what exactly is the Keto diet, and is it capable of delivering the results it promises? If you’re considering the diet for yourself and want to know if it’s really worth the effort, read on to find out everything you need to know about this latest weight loss craze and get your teeth into the crux of it as we rollout our mini series on one of the most controversial diets of our time.


Simply put, the keto diet aims to achieve a state of ketosis in your body by radically changing the type of nutrition you consume and the food you eat. Ketosis can be explained as a state your body enters when it decides to treat fat as its primary source of energy rather than sugar or carbs, which is your body's first preference when it comes to generating energy. Your body enters ketosis when it is starved of sugar and carbs and it decides subconsciously to switch over to fat as the source of energy in the absence of sufficient sugar in the blood. If you can successfully achieve a state of ketosis and maintain it effectively, your body starts to break down your existing fat reserves under your skin so that it can start consuming that fat for energy. And thus the weight loss process begins.


But is it as simple as that? How easy is it to achieve ketosis? What do you need to eat in order to get there? Doesn't starvation sound like a bad thing and are there any side effects? What would a typical keto meal look like? If we have piqued your interest about this unique take on weight loss then make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date with our Keto mini series as we answer all the questions you can imagine and give you the full low down of this radical diet concept.


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