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Coconuts are a woman's best friend

Coconuts are a woman's best friend


"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." —Michelle Obama

Women's Day - a day to celebrate women, empowerment and equality. Shouldn't equality be recognised, celebrated and embraced every day of the year? If the world were as equal as it should be, we wouldn't need to dedicate a day to remind people that men and women are equal, end of story. Progress has been made, but let's remember how much further society still has to go before we can put our feet up and claim genuine equality. That's why today is so necessary.

For all those powerful, strong women out there, here are 5 reasons why COCOFLY is your new best friend:

1. Boost your concentration



You work hard in the office and get things done. By 5pm, everyone feels like heading home, but that's when it's even more important to stay on top of your game and stay focused. Drink a pack of COCOFLY to boost your concentration - the vitamins and minerals found in every pack will keep you alert so you can show them who's boss. 

 2. Hydrate the right way


Commuting, traffic, noise, pollution. Aside from the stale air that circulates through air conditioned offices, the working life can get you unnecessarily dehydrated. Don't let that stop you though - did you know that coconut water is the best way to hydrate around? The buzz word in the health community is electrolytes. These essential nutrients keep your body fully hydrated so that everything runs as efficiently as the Swiss railway network.

3. No added sugar

Next time you wander over to the office pantry to grab a snack and a drink, stop. Have you ever considered how many tea spoons of sugar you end up consuming with a single glass of cola or even fruit juice? When you do the maths, the numbers will terrify you. But luckily for you, COCOFLY has no added sugar, and what is more, coconut water is naturally low in naturally occurring sugar as well. So next time you need to stretch your legs and break up the monotony of staring at your screen, reach for a COCOFLY and enjoy your break guilt-free.


4. Get energised, naturally!

 Have you thought about why you experience a surge of energy when you drink a caffeinated drink? Caffeine, a chemical that is found in many beverages, actively stimulates your nervous system making you stay alert artificially. You now have a natural alternative in the form of COCOFLY! Without any chemical stimulants, natural coconut water is known to make you feel more energetic. It works without any stimulants by making your body work more efficiently thanks to all of the amazing nutrients the liquid contains. Isn't that just nutty!


5. Work hard, look amazing

You put in all the hours at the office, but don't let that stop you from looking amazing too: COCOFLY replenishes lost nutrients in your hair, skin and nails, and gives you a healthy glow from the inside. When you drink COCOFLY you can look as amazing as you feel!

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