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COCOFLY partners with Stepathlon Kids to bring health to India's youth

COCOFLY partners with Stepathlon Kids to bring health to India's youth


We are happy to announce COCOFLY's newest tie up with Stepathlon Kids, Virat Kohli's (India's cricket captain) latest venture in the world of health and fitness. COCOFLY has become the Official Healthy Beverage Partner for this nationwide mass participation event, and here is why we are so excited about the partnership:

What is Stepathlon Kids?

Stepathlon was founded by Ravi Krishnan (pictured) as a 'movement for movement', which involves using step counters to track a participant's activity across a 100 day virtual race. The results were fantastic, and more information about the success of Stepathlon can be found here
As the Stepathlon story grew and developed, it became clear that India needed a major wake up call when it came to healthy living, and that message needed to sink in from as early an age as possible. 
Krishnan discussed the idea with Virat Kohli, India's legendary cricket captain, who was easily convinced. The level of health amongst India's youth is appalling, and it became clear that something had to be done. Stepathlon's innovative step tracking race was a simple way of getting thousands of kids moving without them needing to be in the same place at once, and Virat Kohli was the perfect mouth piece for a clear and compelling message that an active lifestyle was a key component in healthy living.

And so the story of Stepathlon Kids began.


Meanwhile, over at the COCOFLY HQ, we have been running around telling the world about how healthy COCOFLY is right from day one. Coconut water is really the perfect accompaniment you can find if you are trying to live an active, healthy lifestyle:
1. COCOFLY is bursting with electrolytes, which are essential when you are doing physical exercise - your body doesn't just lose water when you sweat, you also lose salts that need replacing. Electrolytes are the key component in staying well hydrated.
2. COCOFLY has no added sugar, so you can drink as much coconut water as you want and you are not setting yourself up for early onset diabetes. When compared to a 100% juice, COCOFLY typically has only 1/3 the amount of sugar per 100ml, and that too it is all naturally occurring - we don't add any sugar at all!
3. Coconut water is believed to give you natural energy without the presence of any chemical stimulants like caffeine. That makes it a great drink for anyone who likes to live an active life and who wants to stay fresh even after a long day. 

The beauty of the partnership

Stepathlon Kids is promoting physical activity. COCOFLY offers a low sugar drink that promotes healthy eating / drinking. It's a match made in heaven!
It became very clear that Stepathlon Kids and COCOFLY shared the same vision for India's youth - we want to see a healthier youth that will build a stronger and healthier India for tomorrow. We want the right attitude and habits to start from an early age so that healthy living gets ingrained into the overall ethos rather than becoming a band aid solution for health problems later in life. 

It was clear that we could achieve more together than apart, which is why we are so excited about being the Official Healthy Beverage Partner of Stepathlon Kids. 

For more information, check out this article about the partnership:

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