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Bulletproof coffee and the man trying to live forever

Bulletproof coffee and the man trying to live forever


For the many, many people who start their day with a steaming cup of Joe, a nice cup of coffee is nothing short of a magic potion that clears away your morning fog and sets you up for the day ahead. And it works. Most people see the effects of the caffeine surge within seconds of taking their first sip of the day. But that giddy caffeine high is quickly followed by a come down that often leaves you scrambling around for your next cup. And so, the cycle continues. Some see this rapid spike in energy as the reason to drink coffee in the first place, however others end up drinking it despite the rapid lift and sudden come down. If only there was some way of balancing things out so that the coffee buzz could build more gradually and then linger around rather than dropping you off a cliff. Oh wait, there is, and it’s called Bulletproof coffee. And it’s time you added it to your daily routine. Read on to find out all about this awesome new trend that everyone’s talking about!


A bulletproof coffee is essentially a long black coffee that has unsettlingly large amounts of saturated fat added to it. The ‘classic’ bulletproof recipe requires you to add both grass-fed ghee or butter as well as coconut oil to a black coffee, before blitzing the concoction into a smooth, creamy mixture that now resembles a slightly frothy latte.

We won’t blame you for confusing this with a primary school prank gone wrong. But the practice of mixing fats and caffeine goes back 1500 years to a time when Ethiopian mountain warriors consumed crushed coffee beans mixed with animal fat before going into battle. Closer to home it is common practice across the Himalayas to add yak butter to your tea to keep your energy levels up. 


More recently the bulletproof coffee has surged in popularity thanks to Dave Asprey, a self-proclaimed biohacker who has a singular purpose in life: to live to 180. On a trip to Tibet in 2004 Asprey noted the yak butter tradition and began to do his own research, soon arriving at the conclusion that mixing saturated fats with caffeinated drinks was key to significantly increasing your life expectancy. By 2013 Asprey founded the brand Bulletproof Coffee, which has subsequently made him a millionaire.

Asprey takes his health so seriously that in addition to drinking his signature bulletproof coffee every single morning, he injects himself with his own stem cells that are harvested from his bone marrow, takes 100 supplements a day, gets hyperbaric oxygen therapy done and wears yellow glasses to save his vision. He has spent more than a million dollars trying to hack his biology till now and has no intention of stopping any time soon.


Despite the mad genius hype that Asprey has crafted around his trans-humanist ambitions, there is actually some solid science that supports bulletproof coffee's credibility as a health tonic. The presence of the saturated fat when the coffee enters the digestive situation - especially with fats high in MCTs like coconut oil - slows down the release of caffeine into the bloodstream, essentially turning it into a slow release energy source rather than that familiar burst. MCT oils also come with the added benefit of suppressing your hunger hormones, which is why a cup of bulletproof coffee is often all you need to keep you focused and energised all morning. Since fat is the highest caloric density of any of the macronutrients, the overall effect is exactly what Asprey claims on his packaging: a cup of bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning can give you sustained and consistent energy for hours without experiencing the drop in energy and focus that is so often associated with a regular cup of coffee. 

If you're interested in trying out the original bulletproof coffee recipe, you can find it here. Click here to get your hands on our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and get blitzing! If you like what you try, leave a comment below and let us know how you found it! 

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