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Are resolutions meant to be broken?

Posted by Arjun Gadkari on

We’ve all been there before. As each year comes to a close with a whirlwind splurge of parties and eating, drinking, merry making and more drinking, there’s an inevitable decision to clean up your act and start the new year with a host of waistline-saving resolutions. Lose 5kgs? Gym everyday? Take up yoga again? We’ve all made those promises and we’ve all broken them the very next day. If there’s such a pressing need to purge the excesses of the December parties, why are resolutions so easy to back out of?

1. The Everest Syndrome. Too often we feel the need to go after the biggest, most extreme promises, but more often than not they are way too unrealistic. Do you know how hard it is to lose even a couple of kilos? No wonder most people quit when they suddenly decide to drop 5kgs in the space of a month. The easiest way to stick to your New Year Resolutions is by making them more realistic. Why not try losing 2 kgs instead of 5? But for those of you who need to climb Mount Everest no matter what the cost, there are now a host of apps that help you structure your ambitious plans in a way that increases the chance that you actually achieve your goals.

2. Squad Goals. Some things in life – sex, playing tennis, tandem cycling – are better done when someone else is with you. If you’ve ever tried any of these activities by yourself, you will have quit pretty quickly because some things in life just need that second person around to get the ball rolling. The same is true for New Year Resolutions. With only our own conscience to keep us in line, the chances of shedding those kilos is zero. So if you want your 2017 goals to count, rope in your bestie and push each other to the limit.

3. Don’t put your eggs in one basket. Let’s face it, despite all your best efforts, it’s pretty unrealistic to get a 100% success rate no matter how hard you try. So instead of picking 3 whopping huge resolutions, why not go for 10 mini goals this season, so that if you slip up on a few of your resolutions you still wind up as an overall winner in the end.

4. Subscribe and let the good times roll. When the going is good, cash in while you’re still ahead and in the right frame of mind. 2017 is all about the subscription plans that help you keep up your healthy routine by bringing the goodness right to your door, right when you need it the most. For those of you who want to see a fitter you in the New Year, you can now get a 3 month or 6 month subscription to COCOFLY and get all the goodness of 100% pure coconut water brought to you once a month, without needing to worry about placing an order each time you run out. With 27 packs in each case, COCOFLY has made it easier than ever to start each day the right way with a pack of COCOFLY before you do anything else each morning.

For more information about COCOFLY and all the tasty goodness it can offer you, click here and start 2017 the right way.

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