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5 coconut oil health benefits everyone should know about

5 coconut oil health benefits everyone should know about


India's relationship with the coconut is as old as the country itself, and equally as rich and complex. The coconut has made its mark on mythology, medicine, religious rituals, cuisine and superstition. And underpinning all of this enthusiasm for India's great superfood is the fact that coconut is really, really good for you. 

Coconut oil in particular is brimming with nutrients that can nourish your body from the outside as well as from the inside. It is no secret that India's ancient Ayurvedic tradition recommends coconut oil as part of a healthy diet. If you're new to the concept of including coconut oil in your diet, it's time to get all your facts right (by reading this article...), buy a bottle of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and start eating coconut oil everyday! Read on to find out about the 5 health benefits you should know about before you start.


It should come as no surprise that coconut oil is almost entirely made up of fat. The question is, what kind of fat, and what is so good about it? Extra Virgin Coconut oil contains a large quanity (more than 50%!) of medium chain fatty acids, better known as MCFAs or MCTs (medium chain triglycerides). While these fats fall under the saturated fat category, they actually have a surprising reaction once they get inside the body: they can lead to an increase of HDLs, which is considered the 'good' kind of fat that the body needs. Research has shown that introducing coconut oil into your diet on a daily basis (in moderation of course!) can improve your overall fat composition, potentially lowering the risk of heart related diseases.


Who would have thought that fat can have antibacterial properties? As it turns out, MCTs do just that. Whether you eat it or apply it directly to the skin, coconut oil is able to fight off the nasty bacteria that would otherwise lead to all kinds of problems in the gut and on the skin. 


If you’ve ever heard of the Keto Diet and wondered what it’s all about, read this next part carefully! Your body gets its energy from the food you eat, and it often relies on carbohydrates - starch and sugars - for that instant energy release. However, your body is great at forward planning and so any left over energy gets stored for later in the form of fat under your skin.

However, when coconut oil and certain other fats enter your body they get broken down in the liver. This process releases ketones, which can be used as energy just like carbs. Ketones are a great alternative to sugar as a sustainable energy source, which increase fat burning in your body and also reduces the release of insulin. Look out for our up-coming blog that tells everything you should know if you're thinking of trying out the Keto Diet.


Have you ever felt great about eating a really healthy, low calorie meal only to find yourself 2 hours later binge eating a sugary treat or deep fried snack? Don’t worry, we all have. However, when you add coconut oil to whatever you’re eating - a salad? A smoothie or juice? A Bulletproof Coffee? - the coconut oil releases energy into your body in a sustained, gradual way for a few hours, unlike the quick burning instant energy that you get from sugar. The result is you’re less likely to get hungry too soon, and chances are you may be able to fight off the urge to snack before your next meal. 


This one may surprise you, but coconut oil can indeed be used to clean your teeth! (In addition to brushing teeth, not instead of!) This practice, called ‘oil pulling’, has become hugely popular in recent years and has won over some noteworthy celebrities who swear by oil pulling. By swilling coconut oil in your mouth for anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes each morning, you may be able to reduce your plaque and keep things like gingivitis under control. This is all thanks to the antibacterial properties of coconut oil that we spoke about earlier. In fact, oil pulling is such a great part of you’re daily routine, it will be featured very soon in one of our up-coming blogs... #WatchThisSpace!

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Photo by Gilles Lambert on Unsplash