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3 hacks to feel amazing at work

3 hacks to feel amazing at work


We spend more time working than doing any other activity in our entire lives. If it's something you love to do, the you may not need to read this article. But if you’re one of the 99% of people who would rather have your feet dangling in a crystal clear swimming pool while sipping on a pina colada rather than staring blankly at a humming computer screen, then you will probably find yourself wondering how to kick yourself back into gear after you accidentally drift off into dream land when you should have been getting your work in before the deadline. While there sadly isn’t a life hack for finding excel sheets super exciting, follow these quick and easy work hacks below to re-find that enthusiasm you’ve been waiting for.

  1.    Bulletproof your coffee

Many people love to kick start their day with a steaming cup of coffee. The caffeine rush provides them with the extra energy they need to turn their lazy morning into a productive one. But did you know that adding a few teaspoons of Cocofly’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to your coffee can make this caffeine-fuelled energy last till lunch? The process of adding coconut oil to your coffee, or more specifically the MCTs found inside coconut oil, is known as bulletproofing, and it has become a favourite in the upper echelons of Hollywood celebrity circles. By adding these good fats to the caffeine found in the coffee, the otherwise rapid burst of caffeine-fuelled energy that disappears just as quickly converts instead into a 'slow release' sustained energy release that can extend the effects of caffeine over a period of time without dropping you off a cliff once its all over. To know more about Bulletproof Coffee and its benefits, stay tuned into The Cococfly Blog and watch this space.

  1.   Hydrate yourself 

This one goes without saying. Staying hydrated is very important and that’s why many people have apps on their phones that remind them to drink water every 2 hours or so. But is this enough? Most people don't know that dehydration is not just a lack of fluids but also a lack of the salts, or electrolytes, that are lost through sweat. Coconut water is a natural isotonic drink that contains essential minerals and electrolytes that are required to stay hydrated. Drinking a pack of Cocofly’s Coconut Water every day will keep you hydrated, boost your energy, and improve your immunity. 

  1.   Replace fried snacks with Coconut Chips

How do you curb that 4 pm hunger pangs? As the day comes to an end, we get a craving to munch on something to get that final kick of energy to push us over the finish line. While some people bring home-made snacks, many of us are drawn towards the vending machine or the local street-wala outside to get some chips and other fried snacks. While these snacks tackle your hunger at the time, the oil present in them is not good for your overall health. Switch to Cocofly’s Coconut Chips that contain a sufficient amount of calories to take care of your evening craving. Since our chips are baked and not fried, you can saunter home with a spring in your step knowing you made the right choices today.