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Posted by Arjun Gadkari on

The buzz word these days appears to be hydration. Hydration seems to be the solution for beauty, concentration and alertness, weight loss and a whole host of other benefits for your overall health. Fortunately for us, COCOFLY happens to be a wonder product in the hydration department. 

But how does it work? The key to understanding how 100% natural coconut water helps you hydrate needs to start with why we need to hydrate in the first place. As it happens, our body is around 60% water. Yes, 60% of our entire body is just water. That number needs to stay roughly where it is because if the amount of water in your body starts going down, your body doesn't function as well as it does when it is fully hydrated.

But maintaining the right level of water in your body isn't all that easy. Did you know that you are losing water all the time? Water is lost through your breath, through your skin and any time you go to the wash room. Crucially though, when you lose water through your skin in the form of sweat, it isn't just water that you are losing. You are actually losing a range of salts as well that we call electrolytes. To effectively rehydrate you shouldn't just be drinking water, you should also be replenishing your electrolytes that you have lost in the process.

That's where COCOFLY comes in. 100% natural coconut water actually has the closest balance of salts, or electrolytes, that you can find in the natural world. When you drink nariyal paani on a hot day you are not only giving your body all the liquid replenishment it is looking for but you are actually replenishing all the electrolytes you have lost on the way. Scientists are now saying that drinking coconut water is one of the best things you can do to keep fully hydrated.

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Have fun and stay hydrated!

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